Art Placement House nº8

This client is a collector of contemporary art. Various pieces of art we sourced for her. Her house became a special place where you can find the most exclusive pieces of art like international photography, ceramic sculptures, paintings with an Azian touch. In the garden, in front of the house we placed an organic formed, corten steal sculpture of a Dutch artist.


Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-22-kopie Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-20-kopie   Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-28-kopie-2 Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-30-kopie Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-31-kopie Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-33-kopie   Arthunters--Kunst-in-huis-19-kopieArthunters--Kunst-in-huis-35-kopie