Art Placement House no 9.

By consulting Arthunters our house is in perfect balance.”

This penthouse is situated at the waterfront of Amsterdam City.

More than 2 years the owners were searching for art for the wall in their living room. Finally we were asked for art consultation.

As the living room has many windows facing south towards the city and the waterfront, we used our knowledge of Feng Shui. During the day lots of sunlight comes in. Both elements of water and fire then play a dominant role. It is desirable to use white and soft grey colours on the wall, which is situated north west. Our advise is oil paintings and specially not photography, which reflects to much.

In consultation with the client artist Hans de Bruijn made two large oil paintings, a perfect balance in this interior. Artist Hans de Bruijn has a well known reputation and followed his education at the Koninklijke Akademie Den Haag and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam.