Art Hunting Art and Identity No. 1


Art and Identity No. 1

The need for something special, something unique to add to your interior is becoming increasingly difficult. The personal taste of people can be read out his or her choice of interior and personal photos. The bookcase happened to disappear gradually and digitization strikes on several fronts.

It is perhaps why the interest in art and especially contemporary art has grown tremendously. To love a picture, a painting or a photograph that appeals to you, can be a work of art that reflects your personality. But where to start? Galleries are often high-threshold and have a limited portfolio. Visiting art fairs is a possibility but it is difficult to make a choice. Questions like, is this the right investment, what is the origin of the work, what is the thin line between decoration and art?

Our clients ask us to find prominent art for their home or office. In dialogue with them we select art that fits the context, scale and the surrounding area. We are regularly hunt only one particular object and then provide a complete interior of exclusive artworks.

Every year we organize with great enthusiasm a group exhibition with works that inspires and surprises our clients.


We can advise you without commitment and we design a complete art plan that suits you in your place. This art plan is unique and tailormade.

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