Art Shop Suus Kooijman


Besides painting on the flat surface, she looks for possibilities in which she can work spatially in her paintings. In her work rhythm, space and matter are brought together into a unity for which the word painting does not sufficiently cover the meaning. She prefers to speak of wall objects or reliefs. The materials, colors and method used give the impression of lead, zinc or stone. The core of her work is simplicity and structure. The design language used gives the viewer endless space for his personal experience.

 Moment 201
20 x 28 x 4 cm
encaustic on panel
€  695 (incl. 9% VAT)


28 x 32 x 4 cm h
€  995 (incl. 9% VAT)

16 x 20 x 4 cm
€  400 (incl. 9% VAT)